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In 2015 MiPOesias will have three poetry editors and one guest editor; Sarah Blake, Emma Trelles, Didi Menendez Grace Cavalieri and Nin Andrews. Each has a different submission call and vision for their issue/s. Please take a few moments to shop each call in place. Select the one which best suits your work and submit via email to didimenendez at Place on the subject line whom the editor you wish to read your submission is for.

Please avoid sending simultaneous submissions.

We do not offer complimentary print copies.

We are only seeking new work. The issues will be available in digital format with an in-app purchase option and as a print-on-demand.

Meet the Editors 

Sarah Blake

Submission Call 

Previous Issues Edited by Sarah Blake
February 2014
April 2014
August 2014


Emma Trelles
Reading Period
January to April 30 and June to August 31


Submission Call
I read widely & admire all kinds of poetic styles. I’m looking for poems that prize the unexpected & spurn cliches. Language & thinking assembled in startling ways. Passion. Courage. The careful use of modifiers. Send up to five poems in one .doc in 12 point Times New Roman, with titles and bio in the body of your email. Send me your best work.

Favorite Magazines/Journals
Poetry, Rhino, Blackbird, Pilgrimage, Jezebel

Currently Reading
Michelle Detorie, Barbara Jane Reyes, Claudia Rankine

Just finished
Tomas Transtromer, Matthew Zapruder, Richard Blanco

Appeared In
PoetsArtists, Best American Poetry 2013, Poet Lore (soon)

Books and Chapbooks by Me
Tropicalia, Little Spells

My issue will be available in
Print-on-demand (we do not offer complimentary copies) and digital format (complimentary digital issue to contributors only), in app purchase for the general public

If your work is accepted
I’ll ask for a hi-res author photo and possibly an mp3 recording of one of your poems.

Previous Issues Edited by Emma Trelles
June 2014
October 2014


Guest Editor
MAY 2015


Submission Call
I like poetry that surprises me, poetry that wakes me up and makes me fall in love or believe again. Or laugh out loud. I like to feel it in my blood, my bones, my heart. It’s not the style; it’s the magic that matters to me. Because poets, I believe, are magicians. I don’t want to know how their acts are performed. Nor do I want to see the same old tricks, again and again. I want to feel as if I am being hypnotized, cut in half, seduced, frozen in ice, buried alive, levitated, entertained. Send me poems that moved you to write, that made you feel as if the top of your head was being taken off, even as you composed them. Send from three to five poems and a brief bio in a single .doc file. Place on the subject line MIPO SUB. Email: nin.andrews at

Favorite Poem

“Black Stone on a White Stone” and “To My Brother Miguel in Memoriam” by Cesar Vallejo and “The Third One” by Yannis Ritsos

Books and chapbooks by me
Spontaneous Breasts, The Book of Orgasms, Why They Grow Wings, Any Kind of Excuse, The Book of Orgasms and Other Tales, Midlife Crisis with Dick and Jane, Sleeping with Houdini, Dear Professor, Do You Live in a Vacuum, Southern Comfort, The Secret Lives of Mannequins, The Circus of Lost Dreams, Why God Is a Woman

Appeared In

PoetsArtists, Plume, Green Mountain Review,Best American Poetry

Favorite Short Story
“The Petrified Man” by Eudora Welty

Favorite Art Genre
Cross-genres, cross-dressers, any art form that breaks out of the familiar genre boundaries like a curvy ballerina

Favorite Dead Poet
Henri Michaux

Favorite Working Poets
It’s hard to pick favorites. I love Denise Duhamel, Tim Seibles, Amy Gerstler, Claire Bateman, Rick Bursky, David Lehman, Gary Young, and many others.

My issue will be available in
Digital format with in app purchase and print-on-demand

If your work is accepted
I will be asking for answers to prompt questions, new photos and possibly a few other surprises.


Didi Menendez
Grace Cavalieri
Closed Call.


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