Starting in 2014 we have new editors and a new schedule.

Our poetry editors are Sarah Blake, Emma Trelles and Didi Menendez. Please note that each editor has their own call in place. Please submit to only one editor. Place on subject line: MiPO SUB for (editor’s name) and send to didimenendez at The deadline for each publication is one month earlier than the publication date. The issues will be published towards the middle to the end of the months below. We will be publishing six issues a year total in print with a free pdf download. We do not offer contributor hard copies. We do not accept submissions being considered by other editors/publications. We only accept new work not already posted on your blog, web site or other social media sites.

2014 Calendar

February-Sarah Blake – Submissions Closed
April-Sarah Blake – Submissions Closed
June-Emma Trelles
August-Sarah Blake
October-Emma Trelles
December-Didi Menendez

Submission Calls

Sarah Blake- February, April and August issues.

Sarah Blake lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband and son. Most of her published poetry is about hip hop superstar Kanye West. Some of her favorite poets include Evie Shockley, Catie Rosemurgy, Brenda Hillman, and Thomas Sayers Ellis. Her own work has appeared in The Threepenny Review, FIELDBoston ReviewSentence, and many other journals. Every April, she curates a tumblr of micro-essays about poetry: She has studied poetry at The College of New Jersey, The University of Texas at Austin, and The Pennsylvania State University. She is the recipient of a 2013 Literature Fellowship from the NEA. Find out more about her at

Call:We like poetry that’s important. Beautiful is not enough. Clever is not enough. We like poetry that reminds us that we’re complicated. Poetry that’s innovative, earnest, driven, aware–it stays with us. And we think all schools of poetry can accomplish the best of what poetry can offer. We’re excited to read your work.


Emma Trelles – June (co-edited with Dan Vera) and October issues.

We are looking for diverse contemporary voices that speak to the complex world in which we live. Think well-crafted and precise. Show us a blend of the tangible with the ephemeral. No tricks. Send no more than three poems. Dazzle us with your original unpublished work.

Emma Trelles is the author of Tropicalia (University of Notre Dame Press, 2011) — winner of the Andres Montoya Poetry Prize and a finalist for ForeWord Reviews’ poetry Book of the Year — and the chapbook Little Spells (GOSS183, 2008). She has been a featured reader at many venues, including The Poet and the Poem series at the Library of Congress, the O, Miami Poetry Festival, the Miami Book Fair International, the Mission Poetry Series in Santa Barbara, California, and the Palabra Pura series at the Guild Literary Complex in Chicago. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Best American Poetry, PoetsArtists,, Best of the Net, The Rumpus, the Sun Sentinel, the Miami Herald, Newsday, and others. She is an arts writer and editor, and she teaches creative writing, most recently at the Sanibel Island Writers Conference. In 2013, she was awarded an Individual Artist Fellowship in poetry from the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs.

Dan Vera is a writer, editor, and literary historian living in Washington, DC. He’s the author of two poetry collections: Speaking Wiri Wiri (Red Hen Press, 2013), the inaugural winner of the Letras Latinas/Red Hen Poetry Prize, and one of Beltway Poetry’s Ten Best Poetry Books of 2013, and The Space Between Our Danger and Delight (Beothuk Books, 2008). His poetry appears in various journals, including Notre Dame Review, Beltway Poetry, Delaware Poetry Review, Gargoyle, and Little Patuxent Review, in addition to the anthologies Divining Divas, Full Moon On K Street, and DC Poets Against the War. He’s edited the gay culture journal White Crane, co-created the literary history site DC Writers’ Homes, and chairs the board of Split This Rock Poetry.


Didi Menendez – December end of the year Gala issue

Submission Call: By invitation only.


Every issue will have a portrait on the cover of one of the contributors by artist Angela Hardy.


Canadian artist Angela Hardy’s portrait and figurative paintings are a combination of pulling her love of costume and craft into her images. She often creates much of the clothing and props that her subjects are portrayed with.Hardy says that, “My desire is to show that no matter who we are, we all still long to explore, display or inner passions, dreams  and imagination. We also crave toexpress our diversity, even when confronted with society’s standards of who we should be. ” Hardy’s newest body of work still upholds her touch of playful whimsy and passion, bringing out her subjects ‘True Colors’. As she hints at our issues of acceptance and change through her almost comedic use of her characters. “Through my own journey of beginning to truly understand myself I realized how many of us are searching and seeking ways to express to the world who we really are. I hope that the paintings and posts that I write, regarding both my message and mediums help others to find and live their ‘True Colors’ Hardy’s paintings can be found in collections in both North America and Europe by Prestigious Collectors such as Howard Tullman, International Famed photographer Dr Andy Gotts MBE MA FBIPP and Canadian Collector Bob Buckingham.

“Angela Hardy’s work is simply breathtaking. It oozes depth and feeling and gets under the skin of her subjects. Each brush stroke adds another layer of passion and feeling from this amazing artist and I am proud to have her work in my collection.” Says photographer Dr Andy Gotts
Bob Buckingham, Lawyer, collector: “Angela’s pieces, whether they be a soft, sensuous still life or bold portraits of her avant-garde friends all reflect the magnificent colors she was infused with as a child raised under the aurora borealis of Labrador.”

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Artist, Painter acrylic, watercolor, graphite, ink, etc), instructor, commissions, figurative, portrait, landscape, still life, etc.

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