William Stobb

William Stobb began writing original work as an undergraduate at the University of North Dakota, where he went on to earn a Master of Arts degree in the creative writing program, studying under the award-winning poet Jay Meek.  Stobb’s early poem, “The New Development” earned the Thomas McGrath Award from the Academy of American Poets.  As a Ph. D. student at the University of Nevada, Reno, Stobb’s poetry matured as he encountered what John McPhee calls “deep time” in the geology of the Great Basin.  For Nevada Public Radio, Stobb recorded and produced the Western Writers Interview Series, now transcribed and archived in the Oral History program at the University of Nevada.  Stobb’s early Nevada poems earned the Nevada Arts Council Poetry Fellowship for 2000 and formed the core of his first published collection, For Better Night Vision, by the Black Rock Press at the University of Nevada.  In 2006, Stobb’s first poems appeared in MiPOesias, and he began writing and recording the poetry podcast “Hard to Say” for miPOradio.  That same year, Stobb’s first full length collection was selected by August Kleinzahler for the National Poetry Series.  “William Stobb,” writes Kleinzahler, “has nerve, talent, and engages this madly accelerating, often nearly indecipherable world in what’s called real time.  And he does it without sacrificing emotional force.  That’s somehing special.”  From 2000 – 2010, Stobb worked as Assistant and then Associate Professor of English at Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and continued to publish regularly in MiPO, Ocho, and Oranges & Sardines, where he served as co-editor for a time.  In 2010, Stobb’s poem “Channels, Currents, Crossings,” originally published in Ocho, was selected as a Pushcart Prize nominee, and he joined the editorial team for the Minneapolis-based literary magazine, Conduit and the writing team for Chicago’s New Rock Theater.  In 2010, Pointless Channel: Ten Poems was selected for the MiPO chapbook series, and a collection of desert fragments, Artifact Eleven, was published by the Black Rock Press.  In October 2011, Stobb’s second full-length collection, Absentia, will be published by Penguin Books.



Poets and Artists (O&S) Self-P...Poets and Artists (O&S) Self-Portrait Issue

Oranges & Sardines: Fall 2008Oranges & Sardines: Fall 2008

Ocho #29Ocho #29

MiPOesias (August 2010)MiPOesias (August 2010)

O&S (Summer 2009): Poets and A...O&S (Summer 2009): Poets and Artists

MiPOesias: July 2008MiPOesias: July 2008

O&S April 2009: O& S Volume 2,...O&S April 2009: O& S Volume 2, issue 2

OCHO #19OCHO #19

O&S: Summer Volume 2, Issue 4,...O&S: Summer Volume 2, Issue 4, 2009

Pointless ChannelPointless Channel

  • Absentia: Poems, forthcoming in October, 2011 from Penguin Books
  • Nervous Systems: Poems, National Poetry Series, Penguin Books, 2007.
  • Artifact Eleven: Desert Fragments, Black Rock Press, 2010.
  • “The Pinky of Great Sugi.”  American Poetry Review.  May/June, 2011.
  • “The Mound Over the Burial Vault.”  DIAGRAM 10.4.
  • “Absentia” and “Natural History.”  The Offending Adam 1.2 (Pushcart Prize nominee).
  • “Little Disintegration” and “Evidence Twenty.”  American Poetry Review.  Jan/Feb, 2009.
  • “Up Kingston” and “The Sights and Sounds of Morning.” Conduit.  2009.
  • “Four Poems.”  Jacket Magazine 35.
  • “Poem of Reconstruction” and “Dictionary No Dictionary.”  Konundrum Engine Literary Review “Translations Project,” with Jen Currin.  2008.
  • “Inside +/- Outside” and “The Subway Portraits.”  Colorado Review.  Fall/Winter 2005
  • “Dissayda Worl.”  American Poetry Review.  June 2005.
  • “Rhenish” and “Time is Going Down in Me.”  Denver Quarterly.  Spring 2002.
  • “Five Years after Watching the Perseids with a Friend.”  Black Rock Press National Broadside Competition.  First Prize.  2000.
  • “Five Years after Watching the Perseids with a Friend.”  North Dakota Quarterly.  Spring 1996 (Pushcart Prize nominee).
  • “Three Poems.”  Prairie Volcano: An Anthology of North Dakota Writing.  St. Ives.  1995.


  • Wisconsin Library Association, Outstanding Literary Achievement Award for Nervous Systems, 2008.
  • Visiting Writer Fellowship, Great Basin National Park, 2007.
  • National Poetry Series Prize for Nervous Systems, 2006.
  • Hilliard Endowment Fellowship, University of Nevada, Reno, 2001.
  • Nevada Arts Council Poetry Fellowship, 2000.
  • Clarita Felhoelter Poetry Fellowship, Mary Anderson Center for the Arts, 1996.
  • Thomas McGrath Award, Academy of American Poets, 1994.
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