Roger Aplon

Recent Publications:

  • The Man With His Back To The Room


  • Arts fellowship from the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos, New Mexico (2009)
  • Third place for the poem  “The Part Of The Gypsy Girl” in the Jack Kerouac poetry competition


Out Of The Night

She steps from her bed & loses herself in the weeds.

The man on the Harley rides to meet her

where the fallen lie in wait.

In time, she’ll wake to see the sun, as it was foretold. He’ll come

with an empty pack, inspired by her music

as was intended. He expects nothing.

Where they met is not important, Goodwill or Grace Church,

who remembers? It’s how they’ll live that matters. Yes,

prick the skin of desire,  taste blood

as radiant as sunrise before it turns bleak as wheat in the rain;

a handful of bristles, too soft to hold,

too bitter to swallow.

It’s here the script allows for a second opinion, for the players

to interpret: one by one they speak, sounding

like shameless relatives, concerned

with wealth & status – passion be damned . . . Is not truth best revealed

in dreams? Theirs are suspect: one dog eats another,

the river in flames, no wind, no stars,

no open fields . . . The last frame only hints at reconciliation.

The healer with his magic wand is dead.

Long live the healer.

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