Robert Lee Brewer

Without snatching the branches

Rats! There are only so many blockheads
on this planet, and I have to be one
of them. I must be the lousiest boy
ever created. I can’t even fly
a dumb kite without snatching the branches
of a tree, though sometimes I swear the world’s

out to get me. I mean, who in the world
gets picked on more than old Charlie Blockhead?
If I knew how, I’d open new branches
of stupidity every day. One
dumb idea begets another. I’d fly
away if I could, but I’m just a boy,

albeit an unhappy and sad boy,
maybe the most unhappy in the world,
because I couldn’t even catch a fly
ball, and we lost the game–again. “Blockhead,”
yelled Lucy. “You’re hopeless!” I know I’m one,
but leaves only fall from nearby branches

and then they swirl as if more than branches
attached to their solid trees. I’m a boy
who will one day dust himself off. I’m one
good play away from conquering the world
and erasing this label of Blockhead.
Someday, maybe tomorrow, I’ll catch fly

balls routinely, and my own hits will fly
out of the park and get caught in branches
of greatness! Yes, soon I won’t be blockhead,
but instead, hero. I’m the kind of boy
who won’t shy from adversity. The world
will have to acknowledge that I am one

kid who doesn’t quit easily. I’m one
blockhead who won’t fade away. No, I’ll fly
straight into whatever problems this world
can dish out. I won’t hide behind branches
and cower in fear. No, this is one boy
who will prove he’s better than a blockhead.

No, I am not a blockhead; I’m the one
and only boy unafraid to drop fly
balls, and my brave branches will snatch the world.

Robert Lee Brewer is the 2010 Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere (with Sina Queyras) and maintains the popular Poetic Asides blog. He’s married to the poet Tammy Foster Brewer and edits Poet’s Market and Writer’s Market. He often feels like a real-life Charlie Brown and encourages people to e-mail him at and let him know¬†he’s a blockhead.

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