Geoff Bouvier

When I was young, we had about a two month period in my family where we went from having eggs for breakfast all the time to not having any eggs at all and then back to having eggs again, and the reason was because the “experts” had determined that eggs were, alternately, good, bad, and good for us. I remember my young spirit sighing audibly as I decided never again to listen to “experts.”

Geoff Bouvier’s second book, Glass Harmonica, is due out this fall from Quale Press.

Experts Agree

Ignorance is the root of all evil bliss. Nuclear power’s nonpolluting dangerous. Sexuality is genetically determined a choice. Nature nurture is a crucial secondary factor in shaping personality. Government aid might can’t save a national economy. The prison system seems effective needs improvement. People have everything little to do with the global climate. There’s no chance it’s a certainty that there is life on other planets. Polls are a flawed outstanding indication of who will win lose an election. Drinking while pregnant is anathema just fine in moderation. God absolutely doesn’t does exist. Life begins at conception birth. Classical music merely relaxes raises IQ. Religion is hokum truth. Fluoridated water lowers hormone levels is beneficial for teeth. People are fundamentally honest corrupt. Absence makes the heart forget grow fonder. The nature of the human mind is to comply to wander. It’s foolish wise to forego a seasonal flu shot. A mother should indulge ignore a crying infant. The earth is round flat. Health care is a right privilege. Enhanced interrogation techniques are unethical effective. Giving food to the poor keeps them healthy makes them lazy. Eggs can shouldn’t be eaten daily. The phonic method is a bad good way to teach young children to read. Time is the enemy on your side.

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