Colin Herd

Listening to pop music cassette tapes on my bedroom floor ages 8-16 approx, moment of discovery after moment of discovery.

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just down from mine woods there’s a lane
that runs along the side of the bowls pitch

the policeman in my parents’s garden
in the house where i was living and before
they got divorced i didn’t

i gave myself up by the building that used
to be a victorian spa, now a restaurant

later, you’re learning swedish and i can’t
understand a word so getting bored we

watch dreamerj smashing plates in what
looks like a concrete bunker. pig tails, pink
ribbon. not all the plates smash on impact.

then we watch her take a daytrip drive down
the caylee anthony street. she opens the car

door by a no trespassing sign by some shrub-
land and some tribute flowers by a tree.

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a typo that became a literary publication


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