Zhou B Art Center, Chicago - April 16, 2015.

Zhou B Art Center, Chicago - April 16, 2015.

GOSS183 is the Publishing House for PoetsArtists, iARTistas, OCHO, JuJuBes and MiPOesias. Our publications were founded with the idea that publishing in itself is also an art form. We publish works from all mediums including painting, drawing, video, digital, photography, audio, sculpture, internet what-nots and poetry. Our publications are available in digital format as well as print-on-demand. We have yearly group shows in various cities but Chicago is our home town.

We are not afraid of the digital age. We breathe it in and exhale it back to our readers with gusto. 

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
Didi Menendez

Design and Editorial Staff
Jay Menendez
Matthew Hittinger
Emma Trelles
Grace Cavalieri
Luke Brekke


Pushcart Prize ~ Best Of The Small Press Series

  • Lorna Dee Cervantes, Shelling The Pecans, published in OCHO #6 (MiPOesias Print Companion) was selected by Pushcart Editors for the 2008 anthology (November 2007).

Best American Poetry

  • Terrance Hayes, I JUST WANT TO LOOK, selected by Amy Gerstler Best American Poetry 2010
  • Debbie Yee,  (OCHOCinderella’s Last Will and Testament, selected by David Waggoner for Best American Poetry 2009.
  • Reb Livingston, That’s Not Butter, selected by Billy Collins for Best American Poetry 2006.
  • Nin Andrews, The Art of Drinking Tea, selected by Denise Duhamel for Best American Poetry 2013
  • Gary Lilley, Sermon of the Dreadnaught, selected by Terrance Hayes for Best American Poetry 2014

American Life in Poetry (Ted Kooser)

Best Gay Poetry 2008

  • Richard Johns
  • Miguel Murphy
  • Jason Schneiderman
  • C. Dale Young

Verse Daily

Villanelles  Everyman’s Library, Pocket Poets series.  Ed. Annie Finch & Marie-Elizabeth Mali

  • Matthew Hittinger
    The Astronomer on Misnomers

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